Pregnancy acupuncture is a safe, effective and researched area of acupuncture. Many women struggle throughout pregnancy with the varied symptoms that can arise throughout the three trimesters and if performed correctly acupuncture, cupping and moxa may greatly improve women’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth.


This non-invasive treatment may help with both the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy can bring. 


Symptoms regularly treated in clinic include: 


  • Nausea and sickness

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Back pain, pelvic pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction 

  • Haemorrhoids, varicose veins, vulvar varicosities

  • Heartburn

  • Anemia 

  • Exhaustion

  • Sleep issues/insomnia

  • Emotional issues relating to previous pregnancies/births and general anxiety or depression

  • Pre birth treatments 

  • Breech/posterior presentation

  • Acupuncture induction treatments and timing for optimal effect when preparing for a medical induction

  • Acupressure can be shown for labour preparation and for pain relief during labour 

  • Postpartum recovery

Pre- birth 


We can begin preparing for labour from 36 weeks, to encourage the cervix to ripen, stimulate beneficial pregnancy hormones, address any pain and emotional issues coming up and promote optimal fetal positioning. 

Breech treatment


If your baby is breech a moxa treatment can be shown for a 10 day home treatment, to encourage the baby to move!


Optimal timing for this treatment is at 33-34 weeks, however success has been seen in later pregnancy and it’s a noninvasive treatment, so worth trying! 




‘A mother cannot support her family well, and be expected to take care of others well, if she is not first taking care of her own mental and emotional health’ 


The physical and emotional toll birth takes on a woman is great, probably the greatest she will experience in her life. Though, understandably, when the baby arrives, all energy and focus goes into the little one. 


Nourishing a mother postpartum is an essential part of care in Chinese Medicine, in fact traditionally a woman’s only job for the first month postpartum is to replenish her Qi and blood and feed the baby, often with bed rest. Everything else in the home, cooking, cleaning and general care of the baby will be taken care of by someone else. 


Our modern worlds do not allow for this type of care, however we can support the mother during these crucial months to allow  the best recovery for her and her family. 


Postnatal care includes:


  • Mother warming, a gentle one-off  treatment given 4-5 days after birth (can be shown to do at home).  This is a  moxa treatment given over the uterus to replenish Qi and blood and aid recovery. 


Acupuncture treatments can be given from 10-14 days post birth addressing:


  • Urinary disorders

  • Emotional issues/depression 

  • Pain

  • Exhaustion

  • Breast milk supply and mastitis

  • Night sweats