This can be beneficial for those that need extra support prior to a sporting or exercise event. Rigid tape is applied and acts like ligaments of the joint, holding everything in place, which in turn promotes stability. Kinesio or ‘K’ tape has similar principles to rigid tape, however movement is less restrictive. It will not have as much stability so is used for less serious injuries, however it has the added benefit of facilitating muscle activation and hence improves performance. Both types of tape can also be used to improve posture which is a leading cause of many injuries acute and chronic



Dry needling uses the same needles as acupuncture. The difference is that the aim is to release trigger points within muscles. This in turn helps to release tight muscles, can reduce overactive muscles and stimulate underactive, weak muscles. There are many benefits of dry needling to rebalance muscle groups and facilitate healing.



Cupping comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cups are placed on skin and suction is applied. This increase in pressure has many effects on the muscles and surrounding tissues. Among others, cupping has been found it to increase blood flow, release tightness in muscles and stimulate underactive muscles.



Can be used with excessively tight muscle groups, before or after physical activity.



Muscles contain trigger points within them. Also known as ‘knots’ tight regions can occur. These can be released and muscle length restored to enable function to be regained.



An important aspect of physiotherapy are rehabilitation programs. Whether you are recovering from an accident or from surgery, these programs are vital for long term recovery. Our goal is to empower the client to be more independent by gaining the right knowledge and tools to manage independently so he/she does not become reliant on the physiotherapist in the long term.



Joint mobilisations can benefit those with joint dysfunction. Joints may be stiff and lack their full range of movement, just as muscles can be tight and limit motion. This needs to be restored in order to normalise function and hence recover.



Exercise of various levels is one of the best treatments for most injuries. It is important to find the right level as this varies between individuals. Our aim is to target the specific exercises to the injury which can only be determined through a thorough assessment and treatment plan.


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