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Telehealth appointments are held via Zoom which is an easy to use video-conferencing application that you can access via smartphone or desktop/ laptop computer. We will help you with the very simple set-up required. If you don't have access to the required technology phone consultations are also available.

Research suggests that most patients find continued Telehealth treatment to be of benefit if unable to access face to face treatment.


Initial Telehealth appointment (new patients) - please allow 20 minutes  

Each initial session will include a verbal consent process and an assessment of your injury. We can lodge a claim to ACC on your behalf or utilise an existing ACC claim.

Follow-up Telehealth appointment  - please allow 15-20 minutes

Each follow up session will allow us to touch base with you to discuss any issues and to see how you are progressing with your exercises.


These treatments are valid for ACC claims, and we will only be asking for a koha or token payment as a surcharge.

Private charges apply for non-ACC related issues.

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